Chess Cufflinks Anyone?

Chess, anyone?

            I remember when I was 8 years old, and for Christmas my father purchased a glass chess set for me. Why at 8 years old would you give your child anything that is not plastic, I don’t know! The point is I actually kept that glass chess set for over 10 years before selling it at a moving sale one year. When I came across these cufflinks at our Cufflinks Depot wearhouse, it just reminded me of all the nights spent around the fire sipping hot chocolate with my father, while he explained to me over and over again about how to move you pawn, King, horse, etc. These horse and …… cufflinks are the perfect gift for the chess lover in your family, or just a unique way to show off your love for the game. If my father was not retired already, I am sure that he would make these unique cuff links a part of his wardrobe, and you should too!

We think that these cufflinks which are part of our fantastic hobby cufflinks collection will make the perfect gift for you or that special chess lover on your list.

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chess cufflinks

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