Kourtney and Kim Kardashian Need to Take New York with some Cufflinks


The famous Kardashians made almost 65 Million in Cash last year through their multiple successful enterprises as published by ET.  Their success continues in their new show Kourtney and Kim Take New York.  The show is fantastic and helps us really understand the fun New York lifestyle.  We agree with living the hip and happening NYC lifestyle.  This way of living has inspired many of our designers to produce some cool cuff links to say the least.

kim and Kourtney Kardashian

Check out our fantastic NYC subway token cufflinks.  We know that Kim and Kourtney don’t take the subway, but at least they can carry a couple of spare tokens for an emergency. Ok! We know that isn’t that funny.  But this fantastic pair of cufflinks is authentic and placed in Sterling Silver.  Who wouldn’t buy a pair in a New York minute? The place to get the most out of New York Cufflinks is the world’s largest retailer of Cufflinks, Cufflinks Depot.

new york subway cufflinks


Ryan Reynolds has a pair of Green Latern Cufflinks?


green latern image

Well, the movie the Green Lantern has hit the big screens this weekend with an opening financial figure of 52.3 million and a modest review by many. But, we at Cufflinks Depot completely disagree, we loved the movie and its star Ryan Reynolds. The Vancouver native worked his magic again to create the perfect super hero who is part of the Intergalactic Green Lanterns. Reynolds is able to create intergalactic order with his wit and super strength. We here at Cufflinks Depot wish to maintain world order with these beautiful and fun Green Lantern Cufflinks. What a perfect way to liven up the office… They make the perfect gift for that special someone no matter the occasion but superpowers are not included.



Cufflinks are In


level construction scale cufflink

The trend in an economic downturn is counter intuitive: showing accessories is a sign of wealth, but cufflinks sales are on the up. Maybe because cufflinks are not as extravagant and bling as everyone thinks. Cufflinks are an expression and work brilliantly as an icebreaker in both social as well as business situations.

Cufflinks also don’t have to be fancy anymore. Quirky, wacky or plain funny cufflinks have flooded the market and more and more DYI inspired designs are coming out. Gone are the days where cufflinks had to be dull and plain. Diamonds are still considered to be a bit show-offish, same as solid gold. A chess board, puzzle piece or lego brick cufflink however is cool in the right statement.

Dressing up with elegance and elan is also the means by which your personal value is enhanced in the eyes of the world, and a subtle touch like gleaming cuff links can make the difference.

When we started working on this project, cuff links had not yet made their roaring comeback but it was a good call: shirts with cuffs are selling at the highest level in half a century. That means that excellence in cuff links is at a premium.

And yet even we hadn’t anticipated how magnificently beautiful this journey would turn out to be. To state is plainly, your jaw will drop at the sheer splendor of cufflinks in the market. Have a browse through the site and it’s promotions to find out if cufflinks could make you next business lunch a bit easier.


Ancient or New Age? The Paleo Diet

Could our ancestors hold the key to good health? For most of us, after the holiday rush dies down, we turn an inward eye on the self–or more specifically, the body. It’s normally part of your New Years resolution to lose a few pounds and we all dream of ways to do it. One of the most trending diets right now on google is called the Paleo Diet. Basically, if the cavemen didn’t eat it, neither should you.

What Is The Paleo Diet?

“The Paleo diet is the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic! Research in biology, biochemistry, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and many other disciplines indicate it is our modern diet, full of refined foods, trans fats and sugar, that is at the root of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility.” – Robb Wolf (Source: robbwolf.com)

Check out what Dr. Minich has to say on the Huffington Post:

“Where did all this talk about the Paleo diet originate from? Some of the earliest publications on Paleolithic nutrition were from anthropologists Eaton and Konner in 1985 (1). Eaton specifically defined the ancestral human diet to contribute roughly equal amounts of calories from all the macronutrients (fats: 35 percent; carbohydrates: 35 percent; protein: 30 percent), which is quite different than our modernized Western diet of primarily refined carbohydrate (2). Of the fat category, unsaturated fats were predominantly eaten over saturated fat, and dietary cholesterol consumption was estimated at 480 milligrams daily (higher than the 300 milligram threshold in today’s dietary recommendations) (2). The foods thought to be eaten as part of the ancestral diet include uncultivated fruits and vegetables, honey, fresh meats, fish and seafood, seeds, nuts and oils. Omitted from this list are dairy products, cereal grains, legumes, refined sugars and processed foods (3).”

“Although I am not an advocate of any “diet” in general, I can appreciate the Paleo diet working well for many people due to the reduction of ubiquitous, modern-day starchy carbohydrates and nutrient-poor processed foods, which can cause blood sugar increases and inflammation. One of the points brought up in the class discussion was — is it true that prehistoric people refrained from eating any starchy carbohydrates? What about all the positive studies and proclaimed benefits of a vegetarian diet, which includes complex carbohydrates from grains? What about the Blue Zones work from Dan Buettner who showed that centenarians live in parts of the world where dietary carbohydrates predominate, like brown rice in Okinawa and grainy breads and pasta in Sardinia, Italy? After all, there are numerous studies to support dietary fiber intake for promoting health benefits for the cardiovascular system, gut and metabolism.”

Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet

“For most people the fact the Paleo diet delivers the best results is all they need. Improved blood lipids, weight loss, and reduced pain from autoimmunity is proof enough.  Many people however are not satisfied with blindly following any recommendations, be they nutrition or exercise related. Some folks like to know WHY they are doing something. Fortunately, the Paleo diet has stood not only the test of time, but also the rigors of scientific scrutiny.”–Robb Wolf.

Think meats, nuts, fruits, and healthy fats–but no dairy, alcohol, processed foods, or grains.

But some people say “Come on! Our Ancestors lived short, brutal lives! This Paleo Diet is all bunk, right?” According to Robb Wolf, “The Paleo concept is new for most people and this newness can spark many questions. We like people to not only read about and educate themselves on this topic but also to “get in and do it.” Experience is perhaps the best teacher and often cuts through any confusion surrounding this way of eating. Now, all that considered, there are still some common counter arguments to the Paleo diet that happen with sufficient frequency that a whole paper was written on it. Enjoy: Evolutionary Health Promotion. A consideration of common counter-arguments.”

Happy hunting, New Agers!

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Japanese Photographer Goes Back in Time

If you could place yourself back in time, where would you go? Most likely to your childhood days, when things were freshly colorful and joyous, right?
That’s what this Tokyo-born photographer did with her space-time warp power–she digitally put herself in her old childhood photos–this time, as an adult.

Read what Yahoo News has to say about her venture…

Chino Otsuka is “harnessing the power of her digital art skills to travel back to her childhood. [She] places a current photograph of herself next to a younger photo in a new series titled, ‘Imagine Finding Me.’”


The visual artist left Japan for the United Kingdom at the age of 10. Photographs of Otsuka sightseeing across Asia and Europe date as far back as 1975. “The scenes provide viewers with a different retrospect on Otsuka’s childhood. In each photo, a more recent shot of Otsuka is standing next to or with an older photo of herself. In some instances, the double self-portraits span over 30 years.

“They’re all in transitional places. … So it’s like bridges, hotel rooms, trains,” she notes. “Again, the whole thing of this traveling is running through (the series).””


This sense of transitional movement, space/time bridges and tunnels, is a quiet reminder of the ephemeral quality of time. These photographs, in our opinion, represent a kind of “worm hole” or portal, back into time when we can once again capture moments of the past.

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Projecting Success

Obtaining success isn’t always a straight path. Intuition can go a long way in virtually every career path, business endeavor, and personal goal. By projecting success, you can not only change your self identity, but also shape the way others see you.

it’s true that we live in a vain, sometimes superficial world. Without becoming “worldly” we can use this to our advantage. here are some of Cufflinksman’s tips for projecting success.

Dress Smart.

Remember that it’s all in the details—the angle of your shoes, the seam in your pants, the quality of material of your blazer or jacket, the precision of your shave, the quality of your cufflinks and watch—among countless other details. In order to project success, or more specifically project the best version of you, it’s your responsibility to accentuate all your positives. When it comes to obtaining items to perfect your image, don’t think in terms of bulk but in terms of quality. Quality rarely goes unnoticed.

2. Think before you Speak.

Carefully collected words are essential to not only first impressions, but on-going relationships. Eliminate stutters, “um,” and superfluous words like “like” from your vocabulary. As in a great classical poem, every word holds weight—as should yours. Time is of the essence and great men only speak when they need to. Do not use filler in conversations and talk heedlessly. Project success.

3. Deliver your Thoughts Calmly and Cooly.

You are above the rat race, so why rush to get your thoughts across? Of course, no one likes a boring speaker, so keep your audience engaged by sussing strong rhetoric, calming tones, and solid inflections. Don’t ever hesitate.

4. Think in Details.

Are your nails properly manicured? Is there dirt under your fingernails? Did you use facial moisturizer in the morning? Are you well-groomed all over? Just because someone doesn’t see something, doesn’t mean you don’t know it’s there. if you know that underneath your button-down and blazer that you have a well-groomed body, an impeccable haircut, ironed undershirt, and recently polished both your watch and shoes, you’re in the “good.” The trick is building confidence within yourself—so that you are comfortable with every part of what makes you you.

5. Infuse Confidence in Every Action

Practice walking confidently in front of the mirror. Notice the way you sit down at a table. Ask a friend if you have any social quirks—do you use “um” a lot? Do you fiddle with your fingers? Do you touch your hair? Do you stutter? Identify the problems and eliminate them from your personality—if you can’t do that, be mindful of them and lessen their noticeability over time with conscious exercise.

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5 Songs You Should Know for 2014

Radio: Lana Del Rey

Something about her Billie Holiday-esque voice brings you into her swirling world of underground NYC, drugs, feminine power, and sex. A-must-listen-to artist for 2014.

Ho Hey: The Lumineers

It’s a simple little hook with limited lyrics, but still manages to be infused with a sense of timeless debauchery and comraderie. A perfect drinking song, over an ice cold beer, a few buddies, and a few lovely ladies a few bar stools away.

Wagon Wheel: Old Crow Medicine Show

Put on your dancing shoes, grab the hand of the nearest lady, and do some swing dancing. The country-folk-remix of Bob Dylan’s song will get you in a happy-go-lucky mood, even if country music isn’t your thing. I consider it “country for the city” kind of music. I even want to know where this “land of the pines” is….a must hear country song for 2014.

Trifonic: Lies

Trippy, elegant, and ultra-modern, this relaxed jam is for wine nights, contemplation, and perfect for zoning out on the couch or in bed.

**Florence and the Machine: Never Let Me Go**
The hypnotic, pulsing ups and downs of her voice can literally carry you away. Her lyrics are thoughtful and complex, yet resonate a kind of simplicity. Her strong character vibrates through each note in all her songs, but specifically this one. A must hear song for 2014.

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Why Failure Isn’t Always A Bad Thing Weekly Words of Wisdom

In life, there are constant setbacks. We try and sometimes we inevitably fail. Every single moment we exist, there’s a moment for opportunity and failure. This is just the ebb and flow of life. But for the success-driven few, failure simply isn’t an option.

Especially when the stakes are high, you’re bound to lose at one point or another. Most successful businessmen and businesswomen are propelled by an insatiable drive to succeed in their field—and sacrifices will ensue.

The trick is to not be afraid of failure. Sometimes failing at a task, a business deal, or situation can bring more learning, enlightenment, and connections than “success” can. Failure should never denoted “badness,” simply that it didn’t work with those ingredients and approaches. Instead of fearing losing or failing at something, embrace it and learn from it. But alas, this is not an easy feat, especially when we’re culturally trained to need to succeed.

Word of wisdom: Know your weakness and more importantly know your strengths. Play off your strengths, advertise them, focus on them, make that your projected “image” out into the world.

Word of wisdom: Know your adversaries. They’re normally not your friends and family, but they can be. The “can” here is very important—if someone or something is bringing you down so that you’re not realizing your full potential, put their presence on hold in your life—even if it’s for a short time.

Word of wisdom: Notice the small changes and differences. Changing your approach or tweaking small things in your business model can bring a world of difference to your outcome.

Word of wisdom: Embrace the change. Change, just like failure, doesn’t have to be a “bad” thing. For success to become a viable reality, change has to ensue. Accept it. Embrace it. Ask for it.

Word of wisdom: Take Risks. Nothing good comes to those who gamble low. This doesn’t mean be reckless, but think big and then bigger. And then, go for the bigger.

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How to “Relax” the Look of Your Suit

1. Pair your suit jacket with a cool tee for an extra relaxed look. Think vintage teeshirts, band tee shirts, or simply a thin flannel plaid for extra warmth.

2. Add some hip sneakers or casual shoes for all those hours out of the office. Leave the shiny dress shoes under the desk, and slip on a pair of distressed Chuck Taylors, Combat boots, or cozy leather loafers.

3. Pair a cozy jersey underneath your suit jacket. Think about pairing your classic suit jacket with a striped jersey cotton shirt. You’ll love the lux.

4. Ditch the tie and go for cufflinks. With any formal suit jacket or even a classic suit jacket, pairing it with a tie screams formal. Instead of the tie, go for a classic, fetching pair of eye catching cufflinks for extra style points.

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Holiday Baskets

It’s hard to encompass all the wants on everyone’s Christmas lists during the rush of the holiday season. That’s why Christmas baskets, or Holiday baskets, are the perfect gift idea for families, relatives, neighbors, and work places. Consider filling them with the following:deluxegiftbaskets1. Something to imbibe. Whether it’s alcoholic or not depends on the giftee, but a local batch of apple cider, organic tea, and gourmet hot chocolates are good winter warmers to impress. If that’s too PG for your gif tee’s taste, think of adding a Single Malt Scotch, a small bottle of Sherry, or Spiced Wine.

2. Something to burn. This mainly means a candle or maybe holiday-esque incense. Think apple scents, cedar scents, pine, pumpkin spice scents, etc when choosing a candle or incense for your holiday basket.

3. Don’t forget the card. This small, seemingly insignificant touch can make a world of difference and bring the “personal” aspect full circle.

4. A homemade edible good. Think spiced nuts, cookies, banana/ pumpkin/ nut bread wrapped nicely and tied with a ribbon.

5. Fruit. An old fashioned tradition has always been to put fresh fruit (apples and oranges) in stockings for Christmas morning. By putting this in your holiday basket, you’re adding a touch of nostalgia.

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Slow and steady wins the fashion race

Whenever you rush to accomplish anything in life, whether it’s for work or a simple household task, you often mess it up. That’s why taking your time is so important. Even when you are in a rush, you can still take your time and complete the task in a timely manner. When you take your time, it ensures that you won’t make little mistakes or overlook anything. The same is true in fashion. When you are getting dressed for work, you don’t just throw a bunch of things together (well, maybe if you are running late!) and head out the door. No — you take your time selecting the right pair of pants, button-down shirt, tie and cufflinks to wear. When you take your time, you end up with a good-looking ensemble.

Turtle Cufflinks

If you rush, you could end up with a color mismatches or the wrong pair of cufflinks. No matter how much of a rush you are in, it’s important to remember that slow and steady always wins the fashion race. Perhaps this exquisite pair of Turtle Cufflinks can serve as a friendly reminder for you to take your time. Made from sterling silver, each cufflink resembles a beautiful turtle. Reminiscent of the famous fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, these cufflinks are perfect for any man who needs to slow down in life and fashion. You can find these Turtle Cufflinks in our Land Animal Cufflink selection, full of fun and playful animal cufflink designs for the animal lover in you. Just make sure that you take your time when selecting the right pair!

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Why Cufflinks Are the Right Christmas Gift

That’s right, the holidays are once again upon us. What about sending out a little love to those dear acquaintances in your life whom you couldn’t live without this holiday season. We’re not talking about family and friends per say, but the other folks who make everyday life a bit easier for you. Consider getting them the perfect pair of cufflinks that embody their position in your life–go ahead, let them know they mean something special to you. Cufflinks are the right Christmas gift for those indispensable people in your life.

Why Cufflinks are the Right Christmas Gift for Your Lawyer

Your lawyer always has your back–even when you’re in the wrong. He will defend your right to a fair trial and maintain your rights no matter what. Why not show your appreciation to your lawyer by choosing one of these legal lawyer cufflinks?

Why Cufflinks are the Right Christmas Gift for Your Doctor

Your doctor also always has your back–metaphorically and figuratively speaking. Show your appreciation with these doctor cufflinks–for your favorite MD in your life.

Why Cufflinks are the Right Christmas Gift for Your Doorman

What better way to tip your doorman for the holidays? Consider putting the yearly tip in a beautiful money clip. This NYC Money Clip is only $40 and will surely make you stand out among the rest of the tenants who use simple paper envelopes!

For a more generic gift, take a look at our sale cufflinks, like this savvy set featuring a plaid design–perfect for every gentleman’s taste.

Why Cufflinks are the Right Christmas Gift for Your Father-in-Law
We all know how hard you work to please your father-in-law and sometimes it seems nothing is ever good enough. Consider a personalized cufflink set for your “dad”–it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Why Cufflinks are the Right Christmas Gift for Your Brother-in-Law
Pair one of these stylish brother-in-law cufflinks with a DVD set, a 6 pack of craft beer, or a personalized mug and you’re good to go this holiday season.

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5 Holiday Etiquette Tips to Keep in Mind

Etiquette around the holidays is more important than any time of the year. Everyone has a considerable amount of stress they are enduring and it’s essential to show respect in every way possible. Think of how a little kindness goes a long way. Here are Cufflinksman’s 5 Holiday Etiquette Tips to Keep in Mind this season…
Always bring something to house parties…

You know those people who show up at house parties empty handed? There is never an excuse for this social faux-pas, so make sure you bring something along with you. Whether it’s a dish, a bottle of wine, a glass set, a holiday cufflinks set, or otherwise, you never want to be “that guy” at the party.

Never insult the host….

Keep those lips of yours sealed when it comes to criticizing the host. Make sure your comments are tasteful, courteous, and complimentary. The host has already went through enough trouble to plan, prepare, and receive guests, so try to not make their role even harder during the holidays. Just another holiday etiquette tip to keep in mind…

Be polite to service workers/cashiers…

THEY DEAL WITH THE PUBLIC on a daily basis. ‘Nuff said, right? Make sure each and every time you are at a checkout you THANK them for working. They don’t have to be there for the $7 per hour to deal with your attitude too. A little holidays etiquette goes a long way during the holidays…

Tip your doorman…

Because he opens the door for you every day and night, sits behind a boring desk watching passers by, and accepts you mail. Give the gentleman something that will make him smile. Instead of a plain old cash tip, give it to him with a keepsake money clip.

Don’t badmouth family to other family members…
*especially not on social media

This is a no brainer, but due to stress during the holidays, sometimes we forget this very simple (albeit essential) holiday etiquette tip.










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